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Continuous level sensors

CombiLevel PLP70

  • For hygienic and industrial applications
  • For any conductive media, whether foaming, pasty or adhering - with conductivity > 5 µS/cm
  • Automated sensor adjustment to the media ensures high flexibility even in a large variety
  • Ideal for small measuring heights/tanks sized 200 mm to 3000 mm
  • Extremely short response time < 100 ms for highly dynamic processes
  • Digital IO-Link interface and additional Dual Channel


The potentiometric level sensors from Baumer enable flexible use for efficient process monitoring and control. Very precise, reliable and reproducible measurement results ensure optimized processes, such as  precise monitoring of fill levels in feeding and storage tanks. Thanks to the fast response time, the sensors are ideal for applications with rapidly changing levels , such filling or dosing systems.

Your benefits
Clever and innovative functions
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  • Maximum exploitation of raw materials thanks to reliable and precise measurement even in very demanding media
    • Media with severe foam formation as well as pasty or adhering media
    • For low-conductive media (> 5 µS/cm)
  • Media-independent measuring principle with automatic media recognition and adjustment
    • Media changes do not require adjustments
    • Ideal for a large media variety or frequent media changes
  • Extremely fast response time < 100 ms
    • Ideal for applications with rapidly changing filling levels, such as in filling processes
  • Robust design refraining from any mechanically moving parts
    • Hygienic and easy-to-clean alternative to floating sensors
    • Ideal for metal, non-metal and pressurized containers between 200 mm to 3000 mm
  • CombiView display – all information at a glance
    • Easy process monitoring: information easy to read even from a distance, direct user intervention via touch display and process status signaled by changing background color
    • Uniform operation across the entire CombiSeries products with temperature, pressure, conductivity, flow and level measurement
  • A sensor ready to meet the future
    • Digital IO-Link interface and analog 4...20 mA measuring signal in a single device
    • IO-Link Dual Channel

Practical applications