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Innovative pressure sensors for monitoring and controlling tasks in hydrogen applications, e.g. for hydrogen production, storage, distribution and deployment in pipelines. The sensors must meet the highest technical requirements, mainly in terms of precision, robustness and durability, but also regarding explosion proofing (ATEX). Baumer pressure sensors for hydrogen applications meet all such requirements and featuring a gold-coated membrane they ensure extremely long durability.


  • Especially suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres
    • ATEX compliant
    • –40...+85°C
  • Optimized service life 
    • Hydrogen leakproof > 30 years
    • Gold coating 15 µm
  • Efficient and robust
    • Precision< 0.5%FS
    • Fully welded stainless steel construction
  • Consistently high performance level
    • Long-term stable < 0.2%FS



Areas of application
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Pressure sensors are deployed throughout the entire hydrogen supply chain, from production facilities to distribution stations, inside or outside hazardous areas.


1Source of water6H2 Dryer
2Water pump7H2 compressor
3Microfiltration system8H2 storage system
4H2 electrolyzer9H2 filling station for the transport sector
5H2 Piping10H2 conversion into electricity by stationary fuel cells for industrial and domestic purposes



Suitable for hydrogen applications such as


  • Hydrogen electrolyzer
  • Pressure monitoring in the distribution network
  • Storage station, compressor, dryer
  • 2 filling station and H2 combustion power plant

Product portfolio

Baumer offers two high-precision pressure sensors for a wide range of applications in hydrogen processing. Pressure sensor Y923 is suitable for pressure ranges from 10 bar to 400 bar. PBMN pressure sensor for pressure ranges from 600 bar to 1200 bar.


Pressure rangeItem numberSAP article number
0... 10 barY923-5GB22.R/2164/791211253447
0... 25 barY923-5GB26.R/2164/791211253446
0... 40 barY923-5GB27.R/2164/791211264403
0... 60 barY923-5GB29.R/2164/791211253448
0... 100 barY923-5GB31.R/2164/791211251857
0... 250 barY923-5GB35.R/2164/791211251858
0... 400 barY923-5GB38.R/2164/791211251860
0... 600 barPBMN-29B39RA11499400010/791211256055
0... 1000 barPBMN-29B41RA11499400010/791211256134
0... 1200 barPBMN-29B99RA11499400010/791211256079